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Defending Sacred Ground
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Which Way to Haidakhan?
Photo album for getting to
Haidakhan Vishwamahadham Ashram

Bhole Babaji
Ayurvedic Hospital &
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The Orion Project
Free energy and other
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Share International
The Reappearance of Maitreya

Haidakhandi Universal Ashram
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The Smokey God or a
Voyage to the Inner World

by Willis George Emerson

Love is the only way

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Hilton: Bush Ordered 911

America: Freedom to Fascism

The Path of Love and Truth
Truth, Simplicity, Love, Service — Living on the High Path

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A Yogini's Autobiography, Volumes One & Two
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May God's Love, Light, and Wisdom
shine through you, so we may
create Heaven on Earth!
— Gina Kim

Mahavatar Babaji
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I'm everywhere - in your every breath. I have come to help you realize unity beyond division.

I will show you a freedom you haven't imagined.

You must seek that unity from whence there is an awareness that we are all one.

If you are in peace, I am in peace. If you are troubled, I am troubled. If you are happy, I am happy; so, be happy!

Have faith - everything depends on faith.

                 — Babaji

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Sanatan Dharma

"The Sanatan Dharma is the universal Law — eternal, without beginning, without end. No one knows when it came into being; no one knows how long it will last...

"The Sanatan Dharma is the king of all religions. At the beginning of Creation it was the only (Way). Sanatan Dharma is like the ocean; other Dharmas (Paths) are like rivers — eventually they all merge into the Sanatan Dharma. They lose their separate existence."

                 — Babaji

Om Namah Shivai